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July 18, 2010

Race Report: GE/Petit Foundation 5k

The GE/Petit Foundation 5k was everything it was advertised as, and more.  The course was very flat.  On another day, it may have even been fast.   And despite the fact that it started on Rt. 10 (across from the Golden Arches, what kind of sick joke is that?) and ended in an industrial section of Plainville, the course mostly went through nice residential portions of the town.

This race was run in extreme heat and humidity (both in the high 80s).  Many thanks to all those who set up their hoses and sprinklers to douse the participants.  Like a junior mint, it was very refreshing!  While I didn't run anything near my best, I felt like I ran hard the entire time.  The weather was very brutal, and the crowd was big, so there was no hope of running a PR or a best for the year.  Too bad.  Not happy with my 29, but people were struggling all over the course.  I don't feel like I struggled, I just couldn't run any damn faster.

The event also had a great expo.  There was a tremendous variety of vendors, it was as big as a carnival.  Much appreciation for the pre/post race massages from CT Sports Massage.  I cannot begin to describe how good the expo was during the event, just that it was very impressive.  Many thanks to those that donated their time, product, services, etc...but a special thanks to the event volunteers.  Without them, the race wouldn't have been possible.  And on such a hot day, they did an awesome job of manning the course, and making sure everything went smoothly.  Great job!

Finally, much props for my sister.  She completed her first 5k.  I'm really very impressed, because she totally blew away her own expectations.  Great job S!

K was a good little girl during the race.  She cheered runners, and afterwards, we shared a Saints hotdog and some Sobe Life Water.

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