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Pags is a high school social studies teacher, a husband, a father, a dog lover, a book worm, and a movie geek.  What keeps me sane is putting a few miles in every week.  I thank my wife for loving me so much to put up with it.

Pags' running rants are the crazy ramblings of an imposter in the running community.  True, sports have been a part of my life as long as I can remember.  However, those sports were usually team sports.  In high school, I played football, ran hurdles, triple-jumped, and threw shot put, and for one infamous senior season, I even swam a little.  As a current high school coach, I look back on the athlete I was, and realize I maximized on the potential I had, working on technique, and being just slightly above average in my athletic endeavors.  In fact, the only thing I excelled at was a weight-lifting technique: the power clean (this is about as close to what happened to me at age 17 as I can find).  

An athlete in K-12, in college, I studied, ate, and played intramural sports once or twice a week.  Once, I even had the opportunity to act in the world premiere of a play, assuming the role of an LD, adolescent murderer who killed a bully for his schizophrenic best friend.  Can't believe Monster Island hasn't hit yet!  To be honest, during college, I  basically got good grades and got fat.

Upon graduation, I began teaching at my alma mater.  This led to stints as an assistant coach for both the football and track teams in various capacities since 2002.  At track, I was asked to coach the distance team, something I knew little about, and physically was beyond me.  This opened me up to the world of running.  I fell in love, reluctantly, because it helped me shed weight.  In 2009 and 2010, I also assisted our XC coaches.

Though I will still do the weight workouts from time to time, my real fitness passion has become running.  Somewhere along the line, I became the teacher who runs to the kids at school.  To me, that's pretty cool.  Plus, running helps me rejuvenate at the end of a school day.

Despite my background as a hurdler, I am not fast.  After all, I once was an offensive lineman, too.  Despite finishing a marathon and multiple half-marathons, I am short on endurance.  Some true runners may look at me with disdain, but I don't care.  In my heart, I am a runner.

The ideas expressed in this blog are only the thoughts, opinions, and ponderings of the author, and should by no means be associated with my employer, my family, my dog, or pretty much anyone else in the world.  They are my thoughts, and my thoughts alone, however, you're welcome to read them, comment on them, or tell me I'm completely crazy.  Thank you.

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