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June 20, 2011


In all my efforts to work on speed, I have really avoided the track.  Honestly, there's been nothing more desolate than working out alone on the track.  Compound that with the times when working out at the track, you are truly alone.  It's no fun.

That's why in the past 2 or 3 years, I've reserved the limited track workouts that I've done to be done with the kids that I coach.  They're all faster than me, but I think it helps them get through the workout if I'm doing it, too (note, this is RARE).  But today, I sucked it up and went to the track at the local high school.

Of course, I was alone.  No running partner, and the last person on the track was getting into his car when I arrived at 6:35.  My goal was to do intervals: 8x200 on 45 seconds, with an equal jog recovery.  I hoped that the pace was easy enough that I'd hit them all, but still would be moving.

There I was, a lone sole, on a desolate track. It was just me and my trusty iPod. And so...

My workout went great!!!

I hit every one of my reps, and most were around 40 seconds.  Actually, my first two were the slowest (45 even on each).

Maybe it was the cool weather.  Maybe it was how successful the workout went.  Or maybe it was just pulling out of the lot, as teachers were pulling in for work, and knowing I was already on summer vacation that made me so happy with today.


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