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October 12, 2009

Run a Marathon by age 30? CHECK!


Couldn't have made it without the help, cheers, and support of my whole family. Incredible show of support, and ALWAYS there right when I needed you.
Feeling great two days later!

I cannot put into words everything that I experienced. Instead, I'll just throw down my highlights, and you can ask me about the stories.

  1. Emile and his "One Goal Many Steps" shirt...GIANT dude...little did I know that his shirt was part of a Fleet Feet running group. Great guy. Had to check on him at the end.
  2. The lady from church
  3. The sign that said "Running a Marathon is easier than reforming Health Care"
  4. The lady with the "This one's for you Patrick" t-shirt
  5. The girl who threw up at the 10 mile mark, and beat me
  6. Seeing a person from HS fly by me on her way back, as I was nearing the 10 mile mark...
  7. Seeing a kid I taught my 2nd year...
  8. Running past the guy dressed as Superman (he beat me, but I passed the guy who was faster than a speeding bullet, so that's saying something)
  9. The lady from DC with 2 left shoes
  10. Talking to my wife on a cell as I just finished 17 miles, and having 3 or 4 ladies yell "We love you too" as I got off the call
  11. A band called Triple H playing Weezer as I entered the Riverfront park...big pick me up...
  12. The cramp at 20, because I decided it was a good idea to power up a hill (the only one I really ran all day), because I had "All these things that I've done" on...But, I proved I've got soul, but I'm not a soldier
  13. My daughter screaming "OOOOOH DADDY!!!" when she saw me at 21
  14. The golden, and the guy in the Cheshire XC shirt showing up at mile 5, 18, and 24
  15. Walking mile 22 in cramping agony to the Meadows and the CT Parrot Head Club (awesome!)
  16. Jogging across a park, and off the course because I needed a portapotty so badly
  17. The guy in the Red Shirt
  18. Asking the cop how far it was after I was like half a mile from mile 25, and him saying "Oh, less than a mile" GEE THANKS
  19. Hearts on Fire, and screaming Drago just before 26 miles
  20. Dad running me in...
  21. All the signs, support, and cheers
5:33...which wasn't my original goal of 4:30...or my modified goal of 5:15 (which I was on pace for before the cramps started)...

I don't care.
I made it.
It was fun in a completely agonizing way. I didn't feel any pain in my feet, back, or shins the entire way (quad cramp was my only complaint). Feel great.

Teared up a little at the finish...somewhere in the middle was the gravity of the whole situation.

Marathon Man from ST on Vimeo.


Anonymous October 12, 2009 at 10:28 AM  

wooohooo!!! congrats chip! :)

marmie October 18, 2009 at 11:12 AM  

double woohoo and super duper congrats for OUR OWN PErSONAL SUPERMAN!!!
Your blog ALMOST makes me feel like trying it. note the ALMOST in capitals.

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