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January 1, 2010

Or not to hit the roads...

The snow started just before midnight last night. 2009 had one more way to mess with me. The rain, I expected, but not MORE freaking snow. The roads outside my house look kind of atrocious. Since these are the same types of roads I swore I'd run on today, and I don't feel like breaking my neck, I don't foresee that happening. Chilly Chili run in Orange? I'm cancelling you, because I can't find anything about you on the news or various websites. I'm not risking the 40 minute drive to find out you're cancelled. As for hitting a 5k in my own neighborhood, I don't see that happening either. The roads have at least an inch of slush on them. Uncool. I'm not even that crazy. Sadly, the gym is closed. No running today. Yet, I still woke up at 7:30...son of a motherless goat!


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