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February 15, 2010

No time, all the time

Finding time for the run is tough. I've found enough time for about 14-15 miles a week. This will be my third week in a row with that, but there could also be snow...which there has been each of the last two weeks. One thing is for certain-I'm fat. No doubt. Huge. I weigh what I weighed at the end of last school year. I hate that.

It is obvious I need more cross training. Muscle confusion...probably not an option. I still need to get my mileage in, but need something else.

Thank goodness for Lent. No pizza, no soda, no bad for me snacks, avoiding sweets (more of a guideline, than a hard and fast rule, because of birthdays), and maybe I'll rededicate myself to at least one day of weights.

The crunches are not done every day, but I've done more in the past 6 weeks than I've done in a long time.

Winter doesn't motivate...I must motivate. February break is a great help...Since I don't have one next year, I need to get my weight DOWN...seriously.

The treadmill is a bitch. The treadmill, at least for winter, is my best friend.


marmie February 15, 2010 at 10:06 PM  

agreed that winter is rough. but not impossible, with stabilix insulator tights, any day outside is do-able. unless roads are treachorous, then no. but I agree with you about a running plan. I just started my official 10K intermediate plan this week (for the 1/4 marathon on 4/3) and it feels good to 'check' things off as I do them. last week I had more mileage than I've had in ages. trying hard to keep up with 7. something miles on the weekend (usually Saturday).
chin up...march isn't far off and then before you know it, the real running begins again. :)

S February 17, 2010 at 12:39 PM  

I don't want to make a cake for my husband's birthday cause of the whole Lent "trying to good things for the body" things that I've decided to do for the next 40 days (and hopefully, they'll stick).

It's difficult though. Not just the fatty awful foods, but getting the exercise in (especially if you don't have a gym membership like me). I think I need a list from you all about your winter running gear (I need things to keep me warm). I don't think I'd be afraid to go outside and at least walk, if not run (let's face it, I'm not where you are yet, though), if I wouldn't get so darn cold. Also, I think I need to take those free passes to your gym that you gave me and get over there before they expire. Even if it's only 10 solid days of working out, it's better than no days, I suppose.

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