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April 25, 2010

The Doldrums

To quote that reputable source, Wikipedia, 

"The Doldrums, also called the "equatorial calms", is a nautical term for the intertropical convergence zone, with special reference to the light and variable nature of the winds...This region is also noted for extremely calm periods when the winds disappear altogether, or are light and shifting... Because of these unpredictable weather patterns, the Doldrums became notorious for trapping sailing ships for days (or even weeks) without enough wind to power their sails...In colloquial usage, "being in the doldrums" refers to being in a state of listlessness, despondency, inactivity, stagnation, or a slump.[1]"
For me and my running, the doldrums equate to the track & field season.  One would think this would inspire more running, however nothing could be closer from the truth for this coach.  How do you figure, one may ask: January-8 miles run (12 on elliptical, exam period), February-50 miles run, March-50 miles run, April-30 miles run.  This past week?  I ran all of 2 miles.  This is the doldrums for my running.  When you have 3 or 4 meets in a week and a two-year old, there's no way to get the runs in after work track.  If I had a normal job, I'd wake up at 5 and run before work.  Unfortunately, I already wake up then, and only make it to work 5 minutes before I have to be there.  No 9 to 5 in the world of education...

What mileage I have gotten in this season, it's been done after practices.  This week, however, that was near impossible, too.  Monday, I was sore from the previous day's MS walk (nearly 5 miles, but the pace and terrain left my hips in a funk), so I only did 2 of my scheduled 3 miles.  Meet on Tuesday, at school from 6:50 to about 7:30-home at 8ish.  Wednesday, my athlete's workouts allowed me to walk/jog about a mile and a half, but that didn't add to my running total, as I worked from start to finish, getting times for kids and correcting form.  Thursday, I had a meeting all day, was later than usual to practice, and had to leave by 4, because the wife has a class at 6.  Somebody has to watch the kiddo, and it's tough to run right after dinner.  Friday, we had a scholar athlete banquet.  Rushed out of practice, out until 11.  Yesterday was an all day meet.  Though I got great color, and made home in time for a workout, life took over.  The lawn looked like a jungle, and I had about 2 hours of daylight.  With rain in the forecast for all day today (and correctly, I might add), I did the right thing and mowed the lawn. Sure, pushing the mower for 2 hours must amount to like a mile and a half, but I'm not going to try and figure that math out.

Today's rain would've been prime for a workout.  However, the doldrums had gotten me.  I gave in, and did all the work I've been putting off.  It's sad.  The run would've done me good, and only eaten up about an hour of my day.  I dozed that long.

With 5 days to go, I've got to get out of last week's funk.  There are two coed meets scheduled this week.  I should be able to run on one of those mornings.  I might actually make it to 40 miles for April.  May has to up the ante, because I'm planning to be in a race the first Sunday in June.

[1]Anonymous, . "Doldrums." Wikipedia. Wikimedia Foundation, Inc., 10 Apr 2010. Web. 25 Apr 2010.


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