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June 30, 2011

One of those days...

Ever get to the point where you just wanted to stop?  Running is the ultimate cartoon cliche sometimes, where my conscience splits into an angel and a devil, and argues the merits of continuing the run or stopping.  While the debate gets pretty intense at times, the good side always prevails, and I continue my run.

Today, inexplicably, less than a mile from home, the run turned into one of those self-examination runs.  I had barely  enough time to start debating when the issue was resolved.  The iPod provided some inspiration, as Bill Conti's arrangement of Gonna Fly Now began with that signature fanfare of trumpets.

Instantly, I was whisked into Rocky II.  Though they may not have been there I certainly had kids running with me. And though I didn't hurdle any park benches, I was pretty happy when I reached the top of Nob Hill.  And that, just like in the movie, is when the music stopped (though the actual song is nearly 6 minutes, and the movie only uses about 3).  

I still had a few hundred meters left, and thought "I can gut this out."  And then, adding to my 80's nostalgia, the theme to Knight Rider.  So, I turbo-boosted to the end of my run, satisfied, and suddenly feeling pretty strong.'s pretty powerful stuff.

Can't embed this version, but I love when Mickey asks, "What are we waitin' fer..."


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