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November 4, 2012

The latest, and greatest, on the NY Marathon

These are runners, waiting for the Staten Island Ferry this morning. They're not going to the race. It isn't going to happen. No, they're off to volunteer in relief efforts. Kudos to them.  Give them their medals. They're earning them.

Lara Duerrschmid, 27, was among those boarding a ferry. "I know it's going to be tough to see (the damage) but I just wanted to do something good," said Duerrschmid, a resident of Manhattan's Upper East Side, which was spared the worst of the storm.

Also, this Yahoo article was pretty good regarding this. So, check them out.

*Sidenote-I would pay good money for a 2012 New York Marathon t-shirt right now. It will be a collectors item, to say the least. More importantly, the NYRR could sell them all, and donate all the money to the Red Cross earmarked for Sandy's victims.


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