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February 20, 2009

Workout, and stuff...

Don't you hate it when you go to the gym, and nobody looks like they need to be there. That was the case today. Even the old guy on the treadmill a few down from me was in great shape. Three of the trainers were working out as I did my run today. Then, as I'm leaving, this clearly in-shape woman was going to have a consultation with one trainer, and a man in full Army fatigues with at least 3 stripes was going into the office with another trainer. Three stripes means a sergeant (turns out he's a staff sergeant, because I looked up the insignia), so he'd be in shape, folks. Then, there's me, chugging along running 8:45-9:30 miles on the treadmill (mind you at a 1.2% grade...which is something like climbing 63 feet per mile*). In the end, despite all the beautiful people surrounding me, I sweat and ambled along until I had done 5 miles over 48 minutes (including the cool down). What was nice was that I never went below 6.4 miles per hour, and kept a steady incline the entire way (I ran up a gradual 300 foot ascent). The cool part was, I burnt over 925 calories in the process. But you know, I still hate the beautiful people, because I swear they're looking at me with scorn as I sweat like a pig, and they're off glistening. Thoughts?

What'd I listen to?

*For those of you that play with the incline on the treadmill, I finally learned how it all works.
% grade change = the percentage of change based on 1 horizontal mile. Since a mile is 5,280 feet, a 1% change in grade is 52.8 feet per mile. On the treadmill, you can only go on an incline, so there's your phyics/math lesson for the day.


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