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February 18, 2009


Okay, so I was a bit focused last week. I finished in second place, dropping down to 222 for the final weigh-in. Of course, that's a little skewed because I didn't eat or drink after dinner the night before, and didn't get weighed until 9:15, even though I woke up at 4:45 to run another 3 miles that morning. It paid off, as second place got me my money back ($50) plus with side bets, other people owe me another $20.

Since I exercised and won back my cash Friday, I promptly took off Saturday through Tuesday. My knee hurt, and frankly I was tired. In fact, I slept much of Saturday though Monday.

This afternoon, I got back on the horse. I went to the gym, set the personal trainer setting to Calories Goal, and went for 800. Actually, after 46 minutes, I had gone 4.62 miles, and burned 840 calories. My legs only felt bad for a little while between minutes 15 and 25.

This is the week I set as my deadline for running goals for 2009. I knew already that I would be running the Simsbury Iron Horse half marathon and the Brew Run while my family is on the Cape. Personally, I think I am in love with the Manchester Road feels like America! I don't think I could imagine a Thanksgiving without it, again. I've decided that with those races, I need to start early, so I am going to enter the ShamRock-n-Roll in New Haven next month. A 5k is basically training, but the St. Patrick's day theme might be worthwhile, even if it means being up for a 9 am race on a Sunday.

The biggest question mark was the Hartford Marathon. An email from my sister-in-law prompted me to get off my duff, and just commit. She wanted to do the half, and I said I was REALLY thinking about the the full. What's the worst than can happen? I can't finish. If I can't, I still have next year to make my goal. However, going for it a year early would be worthwhile. But, it gives me at least one training partner. That's got me pretty psyched.

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