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March 17, 2009

Getting strong now...

Open track is a device used by the team to bridge the week between indoor and outdoor season. Coaches are present for liability purposes, but do not (and cannot) coach. This provides an excellent opportunity to run with some people. Traditionally, I have run with the slower JV boys and the best JV girl runners. Yesterday, I thought it would be a good idea to run with our better girls, because they were doing the mileage I needed. I was midly impressed as I stayed with them through most of the first two miles (if you look at the map of the run, I lost them shortly before the left turn towards the 2nd mile marker). This was great. In fact, I ran 8:24 miles for 4.41, until I got back to the track, and ran another mile.

In all, the run was tough. I haven't been outside in a while, and the gradual climbs were hell on my lower back. Still, there was one incline that was about 200 yards long, and by the midpoint, I felt good, my stride came back, and I completed the rest easily. This was JUST after the 2 mile mark, at a 4% grade. The rest was rolling hills.

Personally, I was pleased with my stamina throughout. Additionally, the time I ran was great for me in a training mode. That being said, I'll do this again tomorrow. Saturday, I'll be running a 5k, and I think I'm poised to do well for myself (though I don't think my training is lending itself to a PR at such a short race). Included below are the map of the run (minus the final mile to the track), and the iMix I listened to.


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