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July 18, 2009

Chuggin' along...

Nothing exciting has happened in my training. So much so, that I've got NOTHING interesting to write. Weeks pass, and I keep running. Some soreness, but the chiropractor and stretching has been really helpful in dealing with those issues. Also, I just got new shoes, which should help improve my overall feeling after running...just an upgrade from my old New Balance 768s to a pair of 769s. Are they different? Aside from the 600+ miles on the old pair, I'm not sure. You tell me...

If you don't care that much about sneakers, well, I don't know what to tell you. I'm fascinated by how the first pair really helped me deal with stability issues when I ran (like my feet caving in on each step [overpronation]). While this can't be completely healed by a pair of shoes, the chiropractor is shocked I've never had an ankle injury. I just knocked on wood.

Meanwhile, since the 4th, I've had some killer runs. Starting with July 4, I had my most difficult run ever. I was in New Hampshire, and ran about 6.4 miles. Over that time, I climbed and fell roughly 400 feet in elevation, while my usual runs around home have no more than a total difference around 50-100 feet. While it was my most difficult run I can remember (and I'm including the half marathon), it was also the most rewarding, and scenic. I ran around the north shore of a lake I know well, past some places I'd been to as a child (a marina, Audobon societies, a nature center), and it really hadn't changed. It was also cool, maybe 63 degrees, and fantastic for running. The hills, though challenging, really didn't phase me, so I knew that I was getting stronger. This work had been paying off. The next day, after coming home, I ran a 5k in the neighborhood. I ran by myself, and was right around 27 minutes, which was great for two reasons...being solo and having ran the mountain the day before then driving home for four hours.

Last week was off schedule, which is a good thing. Something felt bad on my first run of the week, and worse the following day. I didn't feel right. By this Tuesday, I hadn't run much at all. In fact, I waited until after the chiropractor to run then. I still felt bad as I ran, and worried a little.

However, Wednesday, I felt pretty good, and Thursday was fantastic. Today was really good for running, too. I did 8 miles, the most I've done since the half marathon. The best part was, I didn't really have issues until my form broke down around the 7 mile mark. That, to me, was huge. This week, I've already run 21+ miles, and have a recovery jog tomorrow to handle. Things really seem to be shaping up.

I've signed up to run the Brew Run, and can't wait. But I've also been busy organizing another run to help raise money for a new scholarship at work. In fact, registration is now open, and I'd love to see as many people there as possible. This is going to be a need based scholarship, and the more money we raise, the more kids we can help with their college education.

All-in-all the past few weeks have been great for running, even if it seemed to rain a little too much at the end of June and beginning of July.

Apparently, there are just 20 short days until the Brew Run. Every day when I run, I can almost taste the beer at the end. Can't wait for that race, it's pretty nice. I haven't updated my iPod since the last blog post, so most of the songs I ran to today have been running staples for the past three weeks. That being said, you may want to try some of the songs on this iMix, as they've been pretty good.

Miles so far this month: 48.85 (10 total runs) - Calories burned so far this month: 8,160

Miles since June 9 (the start of this new cycle): 101.71 (25 total runs) - Calories burned since June 9: 13,246

You can track my workout progress using the new feed on the right, too. Thanks, and keep checking up on me...


marmie July 19, 2009 at 9:35 PM  

you've already run 21 miles this week! that tops any of the mileage I've done in any given top being 18 I believe. So--keep up the great work!!! you're going to be unstoppable at the Brew Run (no I haven't signed up...yet). glad your new shoes, chiro, etc. are all in sync. :)

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