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December 31, 2010

It's on like Donkey Kong...

Just got this email from the MinL.

wasn't s ure if you're running that 5K or not--I hope you are, one of us should be starting the new year the right way. :) it's going to be a great morning for a run, too. :) DO IT!!!
I just got my new RW desk calendar all set for next year. I love it becasue it has daily mile tracking, little notes of pep/monthly inspirational things and at the end you can track your weekly miles and see a graph.  I know I can do something similar with Garmin (which I LOVE!!! have only used it twice but am sooo happy to have it!)  i amost ran 900 miles last year...wish I could've made it to 1,000 but with injuries come setbacks.  i can only be realistic.
love, Mom
I can only be realistic.  I CAN ONLY BE REALISTIC!!!!
Well that says it all.  What a way to get fired up for 2011.  My eyes are burning with the flames of a thousand fires!  The die has been cast, and the gauntlet has been thrown down!

I said the rivalry was over...but it's not dead.  And it can't be called a rivalry until I actually beat her again.  Having my record be 1-7 or something shows it is a little onesided.



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