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January 17, 2011


Well, for those of us in New England, we're in the full brunt of winter.  In a span of 5 days, we received about 3 feet of snow.  The second storm dropped between 28-30 inches in my hard, it took 3 hours to shovel out, and the snow at the end of my driveway was chest high (thank you, local plows).
This has not stopped me from running.  I've gotten a lot of great winter gear recently, and it seems to be just what I needed to handle the weather.  In fact, today I ran when it was 15 degrees out (Fahrenheit...I regularly run when it's 15 Celsius [does anyone still say Centigrade?]).
What really gets me is the fact that we're 5 days since the last storm, and people STILL haven't cleared off their sidewalks.  The law clearly states that people must clear any snow from sidewalks that are adjacent to their property.  Yet, some jokers can't be bothered.  They're like the jack-wagons that can't take the time to clean the snow off the roofs of their cars, but then drive 85 mph on the interstate, blinding those of us left in the wake.  People that don't clear their sidewalks are really starting to bothering me, though.  Not only does it make things less safe for me (clearly selfish motives), but I live near some schools and parks.  These sidewalks should be cleared for the kids walking to school or headed to the park to sled ride.  Yet, these neighbors don't feel the need to clear the entire path.  That's right, I'm calling the following people out: 1074 Amherst Cr., 198 Pleasant Dr., and most of Greenwood Dr.



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