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June 2, 2012

Whoops...again...April AND May

Always finding it hard to update this blog.  It's not very interesting, to say the least.  Today, to start June, I ran in the rain.  It was absolutely glorious. Now for the updates:
In March, I had run 51 miles.  Just 1 mile below last March.  However, April and May were sort of a switch, running a bit more in April and a bit less in May.

April 2010 miles: 36
April 2011 miles: 42
April 2012 miles: 53 (WHOOT!)

May 2010 miles: 42
May 2011 miles: 62
May 2012 miles: 52 (weird how that's the average of the previous 2 years)

YTD mileage 2010: 192
YTD mileage 2011: 238
YTD mileage 2012: 256
% increase from last year to this year: +7.5% (and still 18 miles ahead of last year, as in March)

March 31, 2012 weight: 231
June 2, 2012 weight: 223 (221 a week ago...stupid Memorial Day picnics)
May 31, 2012 weight: 234 (nearly 5% less; alright!)

Still haven't quit diet #3 this year.


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