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February 24, 2013

Farewell, sir...

Fauja Singh, center, runs his final road race, a 10k in Hong Kong

Fauja Singh, a sikh gentleman of 101, finished his final road race in Hong Kong early this morning.  Again, he is 101 years old.  He will be 102 on April 1.  This morning's 10K marked the final race, where Singh clocked in just over 90 minutes.  His 11 year marathon career lasted from 2000 (London) to 2011 (Toronto), where he was the oldest marathoner ever, at age 100.  Singh only began running 13 years ago, at age 89.  That's right, he's been running only 5 years longer than I have been.  That's remarkable.

Good job by you, Mr. Singh.  You're an inspiration.


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