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February 3, 2013

January 2013...The first update of the year...

Note: This was written the first weekend of February.  During that time, the Superbowl happened.  It was meant to post that Sunday, but never did.  I never quite felt finished. Then, the blizzard known as Nemo/Charlotte dumped 3+ feet of snow on Connecticut that week.  Therefore, I didn't realize it never posted.  Now, I'm post-dating it for that first weekend of February.  Apparently, I missed my end of January post in 2012, as well. Good thing that I'm keeping tradition alive.  Here's what I did type way back when...

Last year, for whatever reason, I found it easy to run in January.  Weather and exams usually throw me off at the start of the year.  That didn't happen in 2012, as that was a very warm month, in comparison to 2011, when we had snow storm after snow storm, and then a hectic midterm exam schedule at work.  This year, it was more like 2011, but it was just cold (Arctic blast cold), and not so much snow (usually on the weekend).  Though, that's supposedly going to change soon.  So, here are the stats.  Somehow, I managed to match last year's mileage, despite feeling like I had no time to get out.

Jan. 2011 Miles: 39
Jan. 2012 Miles: 51
Jan. 2013 Miles: 51

December 2012, end of year weight: 223
January 2013, end of month weight (2/3/2013): 222.5

Guess I didn't start the year off right weight-wise.


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