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January 21, 2009

Today's Workout

Started off the workout with the Pixie's gut buster workout. I started with a warm-up of 10 lunges per leg. Then, I did wall squats, using the physioball (15, plus a 30 second burn out at the end). Moved to do lats and flys (1x15 per exercise, 20lb. dumbbells).

Next, I did a tough exercise. She called it medicine ball chops. You stand on one leg w/ the other leg extended out, raise the ball over that same side shoulder, then twist and squat on the other leg, bringing the ball towards your opposite knee. First, it'd hard to keep balance, but it also really works your obliques. When I'm better at them, I'll take and post video. Finally , it was upstairs for all the ab/core stuff, which included: Physio ball crunches (15), side planks for obliques (20s per side), reverse crunches on a decline (15), "core bridges" (15 per leg), and lastly glute/hams (20, plus a 30 second burn out at 45-degrees).

I finished the day on the treadmill. Using the life-fitness' random setting, I did 2.18 miles in 20 minutes at various inclines, and then cooled down for the next 8 minutes.

Workout Playlist (Song-Artist):

  1. This Ain't a Scene, it's an Arms Race-Fall Out Boy

  2. Love it When You Call-The Feeling

  3. The Take Over, The Breaks Over-Fall Out Boy

  4. I'm Not Over-Carolina Liar

  5. Welcome to the Black Parade-My Chemical Romance

  6. Move Along-The All-American Rejects

  7. My Hero-Foo Fighters

  8. Viva la Vida-Cold Play

  9. A Praise Chorus-Jimmy Eat World

  10. Livin' on a Prayer-Bon Jovi

  11. Under Pressure-Queen (w/ David Bowie)

  12. I Don't Wanna Be Meaning-Gavin DeGraw

  13. Baba O'Reilly-The Who

  14. Tessie-Dropkick Murphys

  15. Right Now-Van Halen


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