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January 25, 2009

Weekend Workouts

Friday and Saturday were two days of intense workout. Both days made me feel pretty good about myself. However, all the eating I did on each day made me loathe myself at the same time. You know how it feels, don't you? Just that euphoric high of knowing you just kicked your own ass, only to want to physically beat the crap out of yourself because you totally sabotaged yourself with what you ate. That was me this least Friday.

Friday's workout: Squats (3x12 @ 135), SLD (3x12 @ 45), Bench (3x12 @ 100), Dumbbell shoulder press, seated on physio ball (3x12 @ 15), treadmill (2.12 miles running in 20 minutes, 2.75 miles after 10 minute cool down), stretch. The total time was just about an hour 15. I felt great after I did it. That was the best part about it. As of earlier in the day, I had lost a pound (though I then ate the previously mentioned egg sandwich), but noted how much better my pants were fitting lately. Small victories.

Saturday's workout: In hopes of getting the dog tired out for company at the baby's birthday party, we ran. It was in the high 20s, but we ran anyway. The run consisted of the usual neighborhood loop, only we did it twice. You'd think that would have tired the dog out, but NO, she was fiesty as ever for the party.
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Workout Soundtracks-
1-Dont' Stop Me Now-Queen, 2-I've got all this Ringing in my Ears, and none on my Finger-Fall Out Boy, 3-When You Were Young-The Killers, 4-Bright Future in Sales-Fountains of Wayne, 5-Dance, Dance-Fall Out Boy, 6-Heart Attack-Low vs. Diamond, 7-Crazy-Britney Spears, 8-Sugar, We're Going Down-Fall Out Boy, 9-Pork & Beans-Weezer, 10-The Middle-Jimmy Eat World, 11-Here it goes Again-OK Go, 12-Shake It-Metro Station, 13-Right Now-Van Halen, 14-You Give Love a Bad Name-Bon Jovi, 15-Hearts on Fire-Rocky IV Soundtrack-John Cafferty, 16-Mr. Jones-Counting Crows, 17-Bang the Doldrums-Fall Out Boy, 18-Invincible-OK Go, 19-Disease-Matchbox 20

Saturday:1-About A Girl-The Academy Is, 2-Hung Up-Madonna (Radio version), 3-Hum Hallelujah-Fall Out Boy, 4-Denise-Fountains of Wayne, 5-Sleepwalker-Wallflowers, 6-Love is a Battlefield-Pat Benatar, 7-I Don't Care-Fall Out Boy, 8-When You Were Young-The Killers, 9-Cinema Tonight-Low vs. Diamond, 10-You're the Best-Karate Kid Soundtrack-Joe "Bean" Esposito, 11-I've Got All this Ringing in my Ears...-Fall Out Boy, 12-Dance, Dance-Fall Out Boy, 13-We Can Be Heroes-Wallflowers, 14-A Million Ways to be Cruel-OK Go


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