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September 1, 2011

The Early Bird

The first day back to school, for many teachers, involves a district/system-wide meeting, some bagels, and several hours of professional development.  Summer is officially over, today (my wife, also a teacher, has been back to school for 2 weeks...bleh).  The alarm went off at 5:30.  Since I have an extra hour before I normally have to be at work, I took advantage of the free time.  My run is already complete; a early morning twilight two-mile jaunt around the neighborhood.  Also, I got the first blog post of September up (less slacktastic).  Finally, the real reason I was up so early:


The Manchester Road Race is entering it's 75th year this Thanksgiving morning.  It will be my 6th year racing there.  Amby Burfoot will be toeing the line for the 48th consecutive time.

This is a must-run for all racers in Connecticut...if you can find parking!

Registration opened today.  Since I was up anyway, I thought I'd make sure I used my extra time to my advantage.  Upon logging in to the race website, it said registration was now open, and there were zero registered runners.  I was pumped, I might be the first one (and get #101).  No such luck. By the time my registration was complete, I was actually fourth, and my bib # turned out to be #119.  Still, with that confirmation complete, I can begin working towards that race (which is way cooler than the half marathon in Hartford (sorry HMF).

See you on Thanksgiving.  Time to go to really, I've got to go get ready.


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